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Decision Training by Bryan Cleaver

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The Benefits of Playing Sport for Children By Chad Devenish

Sport has long been considered part of a country’s psyche, with its respective national sport, state, province, region or county with respective teams and each town with it’s club. Professional MORE »

Broadening our Horizons and Expanding our Knowledge By Richard Butler

Versatility is a common theme in our industry. We often try to promote versatility to our clients, trainees, and peers. Whether it’s giving them the tools to deal with changing MORE »

Eliminating The Dead Spot

Joshua Duncan-Smith             25.5.15 Eliminating The Dead Spot From Turn To Turn INTRODUCTION I am a full time ski instructor and training towards my trainers certification with the NZSIA. Over the MORE »

The Indoor Teach

The Indoor Teach For all of us, that have, or are going through, the certification process in the NZSIA. The exam week can be a stressful time. Add to that MORE »

Exercises to Develop Rotational Separation

William Glaser – 29/6/11 Rotational Separation is a critical component of “good“ skiing. Often the subtleties of coordinating rotational movements through the whole body are lost not only on our students, MORE »

Park Stance vs Alpine Stance

By Cam Robertson, 2006. I am writing this article in hope of raising awareness of a ‘good park stance’ through comparing the fundamental functional similarities between alpine and park stances. MORE »

Technical Understanding of Skier Analysis

Technical understanding of skier analysis: Throughout my own personal training and professional instructing, I have always used myself and peers, to model and assess skier analysis.  Without confident and accurate MORE »

High Performance Skiing Model

By Jon Ballou, 2006. In recent years the international concepts of what defines ‘good skiing’ in the context of high performance on prepared (groomed/hard) snow have become noticeably similar. In MORE »

Catch the Toe-to-Toe & Heel-to-Heel Fever

By Jesse Druxerman, 2010. Toe-to-toe and heel-to-heel are advanced riding tasks and possible riding requirements for the Level 3 and Trainers Certification courses.  These tasks require refined balancing, edging and MORE »

Trainer Jargon – Mark Perana

Have you heard the term progressively edge or progressively pressure the edge? I think I know what the person saying it means, but is that what our student thinks it MORE »

Promoting Safety Through Snowsports Instruction

By James Smith, 2007. As Snowsports Instructors our most important priority is to keep our guests and ourselves as safe as possible. New Zealand is home to some great skiing. MORE »

Basic Freestyle

Basic freestyle Flat land Manoeuvres Switch skiing (reverse wedge or parallel) Flatland 180’s Flatland 360’s Boot skiing Butters Nose Presses Tail Presses Box Progression…straight glides 50/50 Find suitable feature (box) MORE »

The End Of An Era, The Start Of An Epoch…

By Bob Irwin, 2007. Exploring the sequential developments in ski equipment and techniques. Borne out of necessity and then turned into a recreational pursuit, skiing is still an exciting and MORE »

Methods for Methods – Rhys Jones 2011

The Method Air is the classic snowboard trick; a firm favourite for snowboarders since its origins.  Although to some people the Method may not be a difficult trick, to do MORE »

Function or Form

By Ben Adams, 2007. Often, ski racing turns will be completed with less than perfect form as function (skiing fast) is more important than looking pretty, however a good skier MORE »

The Forces In A Dynamic Parallel Turn

By Anne-Marie Robertson, 2007. Understanding the forces involved in a dynamic ski turn and how these relate to modern ski design helps to explain why we make the movements we MORE »

The Challenges For First Time Skiers

By Toby Arnott, 2007. Ski Instructors are consistently challenged throughout their careers by the first time skier. The instructor will be challenged by terrain available, the weather conditions and the MORE »

Carving vs Skidding

By Steve Trout, 2007. Contemporary ski technology has afforded both instructors and students the opportunity of experiencing the pleasure and exhilaration of dynamic carved turns. When it comes to teaching MORE »

Snow Touch

By Simon Grove, 2007. Skiing’s X-Factor “You must think of skiing as an activity that begins in the snow, reacts through your skis and is understood through the soles of MORE »

The Skiing Plateau

By Kirsty Hole, 2008. When looking at the skiing learning curve of the general public, there is a leveling-off that occurs in terms of skill development. This plateau happens in MORE »

Moola Bandha: The Path To Stronger Skiing

By Sarah (Sem) Walls, 2008. Yoga is a practice that if done regularly will bring tremendous light and clarity to your life. After many years of personal yoga practice and MORE »

Adjusting From Group to Private Lessons

By Ryan Hodges, 2009. We all want to get request private lessons for the simple reason that the money is better and the work is easier. It’s important to consider MORE »

The Powder Experience

By Simon Douglas, 2009. Skiing in powder, many skiers say is the ultimate ski experience. The feeling of lightness, ease and grace is incomparable. However, ask many skiers about there MORE »