Park, Pipe and Freeride Coaching

This is the on-snow component to the Development Coaches Accreditation for freeskiers and snowboarders, as part of the Coaching Pathway. This non-assessed, three-day course builds on coaching concepts introduced during the Intro to Coaching Seminar and takes these concepts into a live environment, looking at two main aspects:

  1. Coaching the athlete
  2. Coaching in the environment.

The course is specific to the environment (i.e. park, pipe and freeride) not the discipline, so freeskiers and snowboarders will be working together for most parts.

Assessment Process

Length: 3 day course.

Pre-requisites: SBINZ Park and Pipe Certification (requires SBINZ Level One) for snowboarders and NZSIA Freeski One (requires NZSIA Ski Level Two). Exceptions may be allowed for those with proven prior coaching and competitive experience (please apply in writing for the exception). International equivalents for Snowboard Park and Pipe and the Freeski One will be accepted, however they MUST contain a halfpipe element.