Inspired by his instructor on a school trip to France, Sam decided that teaching snowboarding would be an awesome job to have in the future. After spending the next few years riding at England’s best ski resort (Yad Moss), he eventually got the hang of his toeside turns and riding a poma lift! On his gap year, Sam came to New Zealand aged 19 to start gaining his qualifications through SBINZ.

While at university in Leeds he began instructing at a nearby indoor snowdome, where his passion for snowboarding and teaching took over. He then went on to do seasons in California, Colorado, Switzerland and more recently in Japan. For the NZ winters Sam works at Coronet Peak in Queenstown.

He uses the time between seasons to travel, and plays plenty of sports to keep the legs fit for riding. Many years later, he still thinks teaching people how to snowboard is an awesome job!