Basic freestyle Flat land Manoeuvres

  • Switch skiing (reverse wedge or parallel)
  • Flatland 180’s
  • Flatland 360’s
  • Boot skiing
  • Butters
  • Nose Presses
  • Tail Presses

Box Progression…straight glides 50/50

  • Find suitable feature (box) close to ground about 2x length of a kids ski.
  • Talk about Park safety where you would start from, (dropping in) and where you would end up.
  • Study it, check out its start, middle and end. (The take off, whilst on the box and its landing.)
  • Talk about speed control. Too slow = have to be precise. Too Much = little more room for error (this is better)
  • Talk about balanced stance. Nice flat foot your natural skiing stance for a straight glide ( 50/50 )
  • Approach the box with skis lined up for a straight glide ski on 50/50.
  • Tell client/student to always look at the end of the box.
  • Have fun!
  • Once comfortable with straight glides you can start to advance it by maybe a straight glide to a pop into a 180 of the end and landing switch.

Box progression…sliding sideways.

  • Start on flat. Jumping 90 degrees to left and to right to see which is preferred way to rotate, turn or spin.
  • Reiterate balanced stance. This time talking about reaching down towards leading boot with forward hand. The slight turn of your head to focus on the end of the box. (see diagram )
  • Now imagine a box in front of you and approach it in a slightly more flexed stance ready to pop the 90 degrees to see if you can pop into a slide slip. This gives you the sensation of locking the skis onto the box and the feeling of sliding.
  • Step on to the box and see if the client/student can slide box sideways (with aid of poles pushing or instructor guiding student down box) with just boots and then with skis on. This is to feel the sensation of sliding sideways and to get familiar with correct stance.
  • Now approach box with slightly flexed stance (to aid with pop) ski onto box and try to turn skis 45 – 90 degrees. (Be careful doing this as there is the chance the student will want to lean back and fall onto hip).
  • Before first slide sideways tell student to not worry about the getting off the box. The main focus is to pop onto the box and side safely. The student should naturally come of the box switch (backwards) as a continue of the initial rotation.
  • Now try to pop onto box landing in solid stance and looking at end of box ready to complete successful sliding of box sideways! (See Diagram)
  • Instructor should be alongside the box whilst the student is approaching to guide them and give them confidence.
  • Finally make sure they have fun and enjoy Jibbing!!!