By Mark Perana

Have you heard the term progressively edge or progressively pressure the edge?

I think I know what the person saying it means, but is that what our student thinks it means?

Let’s talk about the word Progressively, it describes how something is done.

Progressively means:  gradually increase in its effect.

So does this mean that in order to progressively edge I will gradually increase the edge in the lateral plane? and then to progressively pressure the edge will I then gradually increase pressure on the edge in the vertical plane? And / or the longitudinal?

Or does it mean to progressively edge I would gradually increase the effect of the edge through lateral, vertical and longitudinal movements?

So what about to progressively pressure the edge? Is it to gradually increase the effect of pressure on the edge, and would it be through the vertical and longitudinal as well as the lateral?

Here’s how I interpret it: These terms are usually used when people are coming out of the Exploration stage and moving into the Performance stage so there will be more forces at work. When someone suggests we should progressively edge they mean to say gradually increase the effect of the edge along the length of the snowboard, and to progressively pressure the edge means to gradually increase the effect of pressure along the edge of the snowboard from tip to tail.

When a snowboard is tilted, the edge at the tip engages due to that being the widest part of the board (this is the initiation phase of a turn) and it begins to build pressure in the nose area, that pressure is then forced into the waist of the board under our feet, (the control phase of the turn) and then into and finally out through the tail of the board. This gives us energy in the form of pop or acceleration or the feeling that the board is trying to take off without its rider, which is the release of the pressure that was accumulated because of the way that we edged and pressured the board. This is the completion phase of the turn, and the preparation would be regaining of balance or basic stance so as to move into the initiation phase again.

So this now suggests that we have to manipulate or manage the edge and or the pressure exerted on the edge and the resultant forces from the edge, and that we should do it progressively or with a gradual increase to achieve the task which is usually a turn (but not only relevant to turns but to any exercise that may involve the use of an edge).

So while we who know, know what it means, it is not always clear to others. Sometimes we agree with what the person says even though what they say is not exactly what they mean.

So as the manual says, “Lack of understanding is often a reflection on the instructor”

So if you don’t understand this, it’s my fault and I encourage you to rewrite this and post it on the SBINZ site.

English is such a funny language.