Ali’s introduction to skiing was on the artificial slopes in Edinburgh, Scotland. He began to teach skiing on the dry-slope during his last couple of years of high school and continued to instruct during his time studying at University. Ali reached the shores of New Zealand in 2001 and began his pathway through the NZSIA, attaining his Trainers’ Cert in 2012. Along the way he has also taught in California, Utah & Switzerland, qualifying in PSIA as a level 3, subsequently, working as an examiner in the American system, as well as becoming head trainer at Mammoth Mountain and senior trainer at Canyons Resort.

With all of his back-to-back winters, Ali’s claim to fame is to have done more winters than he is years old. During the off-season Ali can be found riding mountain bikes, or traveling to far off and exotic countries to get his sun/warmth/tanning fix before returning to the snow.