Hailing from Birmingham England, Chris cut his teeth snowboarding at Tamworth indoor slope, and while completing a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science in the UK maintains that he spent more time on snow than he did in the library! Following his degree he then spent 10 years doing back to back winters both instructing and training instructors. Chris was based in Nendaz, Switzerland for the Northern Hemisphere winter and Turoa ski area in New Zealand’s North Island for the Southern Hemisphere winter. His main passion on snow is freeriding, and the combination the European Alps with the individual terrain on offer at Mt Ruapehu in NZ was the perfect mix.

Chris now lives in Wanaka all year round, working for EA Ski and Snowboard managing their instructor training programs and internships around the world. He loved doing back to back winters, but now appreciates the fantastic mix of summer and winter activities in Otago. Chris is a huge sport fan, but loves football and golf in particular (just don’t ask him about the plight of his favourite team, Aston Villa).