[CHINA, FULL YEAR] Want to use your ski instructor qualification for a wide-ranging year-round career in a booming location? A British outdoor sports company in China has some great opportunities that enable you to develop over a period of a year or more, not only in ski instructing but also many different summer sports, project and event management, curriculum development, marketing and activity leading. Roles can typically adapt according to specific skill sets and interests, and the company is open to working with ambitious applicants to help you develop in your chosen direction. Survival Training is also given on the job.
Approx USD$ 1600-1900 base (gross)/m + USD$250-650 lesson/project commission per month + Free Accommodation (Also remember, living can be cheap in China so a lot of it goes in your pocket)
Pay rises/promotions over time.
Help with applying for visa (visa fees and flights not included)
Survival instructing, watersports instructing, climbing and parkour instructing, team-building (all according to individual skill set. Training also provided)
Ski instructing (winter)
Project management: putting together proposals for adventure trips, ski trips and outdoor sports activities for schools
Curriculum development and training other instructors
Basic marketing: Adding events and upcoming activities to magazines, websites, social media etc.
Those interested and capable may go on to head up new branches and projects under the brand name, in other regions of China and Asia.
A Ski Instructor Qualification
A bachelor’s degree (for visa reasons)
Some survival/bushcraft/camping/outdoor background, the more the better
Watersports background a bonus
Climbing/belay certification a bonus
Parkour Skills a bonus
The ability to spend at least a year abroad (holidays back home are possible) – 2 years even better!
Interested in personal and career development over the year, including other roles, not just instructing.
Interested? Fill in an online form at www.imagine-china.com/careers
Quick question? Email careers@imagine-china.com