The SBINZ Tech Team Tryouts was postponed last year due to Covid, BUT… This June, we will have the tryouts back in full swing.

What is the Tech Team?

The Tech Team is a small, selected group of Level Three and Trainer Certified SBINZ members, with the directive of progressing snowboard instruction and coaching. The Tech Team’s specific duties vary from year to year (see the Role Description below) but it does include paid work.

The Tech Team is typically appointed for a 4-year cycle, however due to the challenges of last year’s season, the current cycle will be 3-years; 2021-2023.

A few members of the Tech Team will also be asked to represent SBINZ and NZSIA at the next Interski event in Finland. Note that due to current world circumstances and the costs incurred of sending a team to the 2023 Interski event, it is currently unknown how many members of the Tech Team will be asked to go Interski itself, but they will be accompanied by a Snowboard Committee member.

Role Description

The general role overview for the Tech Team is to:

  • Motivate, inspire and influence
  • Support activities to meet the goals as described by the SBINZ Committee and NZSIA Board
  • Provide support to members and schools through training
  • Provide support to other divisions as they learn our processes and we learn theirs
  • Harness modern communication channels to reach more members
  • Industry initiatives support
  • Explore of what’s next in the industry
  • Be role model snowsports leadership on and off snow
  • Be role model snowsports leadership via social media

Specific projects you may be a part of include:

  • Filming of new riding videos for the 2022 manual and current e-learning
  • Divisional alignment project with Ski, Adaptive and Telemark divisions
  • Member reach-out and development days
  • Shaping content and concepts to take to Interski in 2023

Expression of Interest

To join the tryouts, please submit an expression of interest by 20th June 2021. This can be emailed to

Your expression of interest must include a written answer to the first question below and a video of yourself answering the second question:

  1. Written (300-500 words): What current trends are you excited about in the snowboard industry?
  2. Video (submit privately via Youtube or Vimeo – can be filmed on your phone): What specific skills can YOU bring to a team? Please include examples of how you’ve contributed with those skills to a team in the past.

Note that you MUST be a paid up member to be considered for the Tech Team.

Key questions

Why does this include Level Three instructors?
It is important to SBINZ that we foster our future trainers and get input from outside the current examining body. We realise that a tryout like this may feel daunting to some Level Three instructors, but we encourage you to join nonetheless. The tryout is a fun process, more focused on collaboration and creative workshopping than showcasing your individual abilities.

I can’t come to NZ this year, can I tryout remotely?
The SBINZ Committee did consider this but unfortunately the projects required of the new Tech Team are mostly in-person. There is very little than can be contributed to the team remotely in the next two seasons.

Key Dates

20th June 2021 – Expression of interest close
23rd June 2021 – On-snow tryouts
24th June 2021 – Zoom evening workshop
26th June 2021 – Tech Team announced