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Trainers Cert. Articles

The articles below have been written by instructors and examiners when going through their Trainer’s Cert process. They are vast and varied however, the topics discussed may not be the exact opinion of the NZSIA, but they present many great learning opportunities nonetheless.

Proprioception in Skiing by Scott Palmer

Proprioception (/ˌproʊprioʊˈsɛpʃən, -priə-/ PRO-pree-o-SEP-shən) The sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.   I first started taking an interest in proprioception a few years ago while...

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Diversity of the new age instructor

By Toby Wignall This article is about depth of knowledge and understanding in a range of disciplines to enable you to make a reasonable income. By doing these, your level of skiing/snowboarding will reach new heights even faster. The best advice that I ‘never’...

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Practice Makes Improvement

By Vincent Tribello Why do some people learn better than others? Why do some people seem so resistant to change while others just let go and learn? Are they scared? Are they trying to justify what they already know? Is there something wrong with them?! As a ski...

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Decision Training

By Bryan Cleaver Mix up your training to get results on your next exam During our journey up the NZSIA levels, we have many different outcomes to achieve and demonstrate from the start of the wedge turn all the way through to dynamic turns and tasks. We want, of...

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The Benefits of Playing Sport for Children

By Chad Devenish Sport has long been considered part of a country's psyche, with its respective national sport, state, province, region or county with respective teams and each town with it's club. Professional or amateur, there is something about sport that brings...

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Broadening our Horizons and Expanding our Knowledge

By Richard Butler Versatility is a common theme in our industry. We often try to promote versatility to our clients, trainees, and peers. Whether it’s giving them the tools to deal with changing snow conditions, or the skills to perform strong demos of different types...

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Eliminating The Dead Spot

By Joshua Duncan-Smith INTRODUCTION I am a full time ski instructor and training towards my trainers certification with the NZSIA. Over the last 2 seasons I have become aware both in myself and with colleagues training for full certification, and with competitive...

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The Indoor Teach

The Indoor Teach For all of us, that have, or are going through, the certification process in the NZSIA. The exam week can be a stressful time. Add to that some down days due to weather and the pressure can skyrocket. As an instructor working on Mt Ruapehu for many...

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Exercises to Develop Rotational Separation

William Glaser - 29/6/11 Rotational Separation is a critical component of “good“ skiing. Often the subtleties of coordinating rotational movements through the whole body are lost not only on our students, but ourselves. As instructors we rely on effective use of...

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