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Trainers Cert. Articles

The articles below have been written by instructors and examiners when going through their Trainer’s Cert process. They are vast and varied however, the topics discussed may not be the exact opinion of the NZSIA, but they present many great learning opportunities nonetheless.

Snow Touch

By Simon Grove, 2007. Skiing's X-Factor "You must think of skiing as an activity that begins in the snow, reacts through your skis and is understood through the soles of your feet." Everard and Witherell, 1993, 'The Athletic Skier.' Snow touch: the finesse, the...

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The Skiing Plateau

By Kirsty Hole, 2008. When looking at the skiing learning curve of the general public, there is a leveling-off that occurs in terms of skill development. This plateau happens in and around level four. People usually move through the beginner levels one to three quite...

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Moola Bandha: The Path To Stronger Skiing

By Sarah (Sem) Walls, 2008. Yoga is a practice that if done regularly will bring tremendous light and clarity to your life. After many years of personal yoga practice and ski development I have come to realize the powerful benefits yoga has had on my skiing....

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Adjusting From Group to Private Lessons

By Ryan Hodges, 2009. We all want to get request private lessons for the simple reason that the money is better and the work is easier. It's important to consider how we adjust the way we teach for different types of lessons to best keep the guests coming back. How do...

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The Powder Experience

By Simon Douglas, 2009. Skiing in powder, many skiers say is the ultimate ski experience. The feeling of lightness, ease and grace is incomparable. However, ask many skiers about there first powder experience and the answers will properly be very different to those...

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