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The articles below have been written by instructors and examiners when going through their Trainer’s Cert process. They are vast and varied however, the topics discussed may not be the exact opinion of SBINZ, but they present many great learning opportunities nonetheless.

The Difference Between Instructing and Coaching

By Craig "Renski" Reynolds Many new and old instructors are confused about the difference between snowboard instructing and snowboard coaching and are not sure whether we are instructors or coaches, or when we should be instructing and when we should be coaching.  The...

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Why has there been a global decline of snowboarding?

By Freddie Bacon 2015 There is no one reason that can explain the global decline of snowboarding. In this article I will cover many reasons and offer my opinion as to what we as industry professionals can do to prevent any further decline. The issue that predominantly...

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Giving the Right Lesson

By Luke Gillet 2015 Ever gone through the motions or just pulled out a stock standard lesson locked in your head? I’m sure we all have but is it fair and is it good for our industry? No is quite blatantly the answer. So here are some tools and ideas on giving a higher...

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Music and Snowboarding

By Greg Samson 2015 Snowboarding and music go together like bacon & everything! From the tracks used on our favourite riding vids, and the live bands playing at comps such as the X-games or Air and style, to the dude/dudesses sliding around the mt with headphones in...

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Planning Engaging Clinics

By Rich Waldie 2015 Just like in a lesson, where the instructor has to balance their goals with that of the student, for a trainer planning a clinic reconciling the wants of the instructors with the needs of the Snow sports School can be a difficult task. There’s...

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Creating and Maintaining a Motivational Climate

By Tyler Kirk 2015 As instructors, trainers, coaches and mentors one of our primary focuses should be to facilitate and nurture motivation within our students. After all, our key role is to create life-long snowboarders, and certain forms of motivation are essential...

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Methods for Methods

By Rhys Jones The Method Air is the classic snowboard trick; a firm favourite for snowboarders since its origins.  Although to some people the Method may not be a difficult trick, to do one with style and panache is arguably one of the greatest challenges in...

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Guest Satisfaction

By Ryan Thompson 2011 In an era of world travel offering many different leisure activities the snowboard industry is in an extremely competitive market place. The challenge is to differentiate the snowboard industry from the other leisure and travel options to offer a...

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The Memory Control System

By Paul Philip, 2005. After riding and teaching snowboarding for a number of years I have found that to truly teach the sport to a high level you must first understand the whole picture, from the equipment and how it works, through to your body and how you manipulate...

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Dayne Lewis, 2006. We've all heard the expression 'actions speak louder than words', but do we really understand how it can affect the learning outcome of our students? Our body language can be the difference between success and failure, whether we realise it or...

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Building New Progressions

By Keith Stubbs, 2006. How big is your 'bag of tricks'? Instructors often refer to their 'bag of tricks' in reference to how many different teaching tools they have stored in their memory for a variety of situations. Storing these progressions in your memory is very...

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