SBINZ E-Learning and Manual

SBINZ have developed various online e-learning courses. These resources can be accessed through your member profile, or directly here (login is still required)… Snowboard E-Learning.

Visit the downloads page to download the SBINZ Instructor’s Manual.

SBINZ Learning Resource Videos

The following educational videos were created by the 2015-2019 Technical Team to help build instructors’ understanding on a number of topics. The goal was to explore each topic further than what the manual goes into.

SBINZ Demo / Riding Task Videos

The following videos are designed to showcase the different riding tasks and demonstrations required at each level of certification. These are not instructional “how to” videos. They are simply designed to demonstrate each riding task for candidates sitting SBINZ certifications.

Trainer’s Certification Articles

The articles below have been written by instructors and examiners when going through their Trainer’s Cert. process. They are vast and varied however, the topics discussed may not be the exact opinion of SBINZ, but they present many great learning opportunities nonetheless.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Dayne Lewis in 2006. We've all heard the expression 'actions speak louder than words', but do we really understand how it can affect the learning outcome of our students? Our body language can be the difference between success and failure, whether we realise it or...

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Building New Progressions

By Keith Stubbs in 2006. How big is your 'bag of tricks'? Instructors often refer to their 'bag of tricks' in reference to how many different teaching tools they have stored in their memory for a variety of situations. Storing these progressions in your memory is very...

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Fast Track To Pipe

By James Lea in 2006. Instructing pipe is the most rewarding and exciting part of my job. When I think about pipe it's like riding a wave; big bottom turn and then try to boost! Putting that theory into practice can be quite a different story however. As snowboarding...

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Injury Prevention

By Lionel Haldane in 2006. Unfortunately one does not have to be involved in the Snowboard Instructing industry for very long before becoming aware of the number and frequency of snowboarding injuries occurring in the sport. It would also appear that it doesn't take...

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Psychological Preparation

By Richie Johnston in 2006. Physical preparation, technical skill and psychological readiness are the three fundamental steps to becoming the best rider you can be. However, psychological readiness is often most neglected and not seen as a significant variable. As...

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Snowboarding’s Forgotten Muscles

By Lucien Gordon in 2006. Snowboarding is a very static sport when it comes to the muscles in our body. This is due to the nature of having our feet held in a position that does not change. Because of this position our body develops imbalances between opposing muscle...

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The Memory Control System

By Paul Philip in 2005. After riding and teaching snowboarding for a number of years I have found that to truly teach the sport to a high level you must first understand the whole picture, from the equipment and how it works, through to your body and how you...

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