Works for CAMP3 Snowboarding

Keith (a.k.a Stubbsy) has spent the majority of his adult life immersed in the world of winter, following the snow around the globe. Stubbsy has been in the snowboard industry since 1999, clocking up countless seasons across four different continents.

First qualifying with SBINZ in 2001, he worked his way through the system until becoming and Examiner in 2007 and is now the Divisional Rep for Snowboard on the NZSIA Board.

These days Stubbsy balances his time between running SBINZ courses, coaching with CAMP3 Snowboarding and getting out for backcountry missions on his Jones splitboard.

When off-snow, Keith works as a videographer, web strategist and writer. He is a published author with the book Snow-Search Japan and is the founder of a digital media business 360 New Zealand.

Sponsors: Jones Snowboards Aus/NZ.