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Snowboard Instruction New Zealand (SBINZ) is one of the four divisions within the NZSIA and is responsible for the education and certification for Snowboard Instructing in New Zealand. Through prominent international relationships, SBINZ have established a qualification framework that not only caters to our distinct New Zealand environment, but also prepares our instructors to teach in the many diverse cultures and conditions that we encounter whilst working overseas.

The SBINZ Level One is our entry-level qualification, aimed at teaching domestically and focused on beginners. The Level Two is more focused towards instructors working internationally and is equivalent to many of the Level Two Certifications around the World. The SBINZ Level Three is renowned for its extremely high standards in both riding and teaching, and produces instructors that can perform in any condition, any time, at any level. Furthermore, SBINZ offers a Children’s Teaching Certification, a Park and Pipe Certification and the Trainer’s Certification. Please read the individual certification pages for more information.

Ultimately, SBINZ is a well-established, educational body that is internationally renowned for producing professional, knowledgeable instructors, with the capabilities to teach and ride at very high standards.

Snowboard News

SBINZ National Team Named

Last week we ran a tryouts for the "SBINZ National Team", which is essentially a group of six instructors/trainers who will work together over the next 18 months to prepare to represent New Zealand snowboarding at Interski in Bulgaria 2019. This team of six will train...

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New-Look Snowboard Level Three Workshop

It's official... the Snowboard Level Three workshop is now six days long. Over the past few years, we've been finding it harder and harder to fit all the content into the Level Three workshop, and participants find it pretty full-on. So we've extended it to six days,...

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