Job Vacancies

The listings below are sent to NZSIA from many different schools around the world. If you are looking to apply to the larger ski and snowboard schools in New Zealand, please read this page.

If you would like to list a vacancy below, please email us with a full job description, an image (or advert in jpeg format), and a URL link for where people should apply.

Snow Country Instructors in Japan are recruiting Bilinguals

招聘 – 我们希望在这个冬天招聘在日本双语中/英文双板滑雪或单板滑雪教练。 需要能够获得日本的工作假期签证或有36个月的经验。 详情请咨询[email protected]

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SITCo Level Three Internship

Got your Level 2? Looking for some work opportunities? Work in NZ and train for your Full Cert. Opportunities for Ski and Snowboard Instructors this NZ winter. Check out more...

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Imagine China are recruiting

[CHINA, FULL YEAR] Want to use your ski instructor qualification for a wide-ranging year-round career in a booming location? A British outdoor sports company in China has some great opportunities that enable you to develop over a period of a year or more, not only in...

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Snowplanet is seeking Ski race coaches

Snowplanet is seeking Ski race coaches Requirements Must be based in Auckland until end of August Available for evening and weekend coaching sessions Prior racing experience or current race qualification 18 years or older preferred Applications sent to: Michelle...

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Snowplanet Hiring Clinic

Snowplanet Hiring Clinic can ski or snowboard all over the mountains, thought about becoming an instructor but can’t commit to the mountain well here’s your chance.  Come work at Snowplanet’s, New Zealand only year round snowsports venue. ...

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Treble Cone is recruiting for 2018

Check out these positions available at Treble Cone for 2018: Ski and Snowboard Instructors - Full time Ski and Snowboard Instructors - Part time Snow Sports School Supervisor Snow Sports School Administrator Find out more here...

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