Instructor Employment in New Zealand

Working as an instructor at a New Zealand ski resort is a fun and rewarding job. There are many resorts and club fields that hire instructors every year, some of which post vacant positions on our employment page and the NZSIA Facebook page.

Employers of ski and snowboard instructors in New Zealand are:

Current state of employment around the world

Securing an instructing position both in New Zealand and overseas becomes harder and harder every year. To work as an instructor in New Zealand you must either be a New Zealand Resident/Citizen or hold a New Zealand working visa. Some ski resorts in New Zealand will be able to sponsor well-qualified instructors for a working visa, however the NZ Working Holiday Visa is a good alternative option.

Most other countries around the world will require very similar visa regulations. Many countries offer Working Holiday Visas to 30 year olds and younger, of varying nationalities. This is a great option to utilise if you are struggling to secure a job overseas. Some ski resorts in some countries can sponsor well-qualified instructors too. Working in USA has become much harder in recent years due to a tightening of H2B (sponsored) visa regulations. It is also becoming harder to get sponsored for a visa in Canada, Japan and many European countries.

Student visas are much more attainable, so for those that are studying in New Zealand, make the most of your long summer break and get yourself a student visa for somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. This will give you the freedom to work at any resort that has a position available – regardless of the resort’s visa gaining capabilities.

Making yourself more employable

The competition for instructing jobs is also becoming stronger each year. To make yourself more employable as an instructor consider branching out with your qualifications. Seriously consider a second discipline, either in the form of Level One Snowboard or Level One Ski. Also think about taking the Children’s Teaching Certification in Ski or Snowboard or the Freestyle Certification in Ski or Snowboard.

The more versatile you are, the better!