Snowboard Children’s Teaching Certificate

The Children’s Teaching Certification is aimed at instructors interested in improving their ability and knowledge around teaching children from aged 3 to 13. This three-day course includes modules for safety and group handling, the CAP model, student profiles, movement patterns, the multiple intelligences, and application of various teaching models. A worksheet will need to be completed throughout the three days and a presentation is expected to be delivered to the rest of the group on the final afternoon.


Length: 3 days

Certification resource: The SBINZ Instructor’s Manual is required reading for this course.

Pre-requisites: Snowboard Level One and you must be an associate member or full member.

** You must also have completed the Children’s Cert E-Learning online course. You can access the e-learning system through your member profile. Look at the course outline for further information. **

Assessment Process

This course assesses your teaching abilities for children. There is no riding component. There will be two assessed teaches on day two and day three of the course.

We do not offer any partial re-sits for the certification.


Course and Resort: Children’s Teaching Certification at Mt Hutt

“The course lived up to my expectations and indeed exceeded them. We had a particularly good trainer who had taken the course on a number of previous occasions. The weather wasn’t the best but that ended up being to our advantage because we had indoor sessions and when we did get onto the snow, because of the weather, we spent a lot of time focusing on the different ways of getting children safely down the hill.

We even had a real life incident where severe wind gust blew a group of children (who were under instruction at the time) away and we all pitched in to help, and so what was technically a theoretical course turned out to be a very practical one. I can’t speak highly enough about the course, particularly with regard my understanding of children and the teaching model. If you are looking for a level of comfort and assurance when teaching children then I can recommend the course to you.”

Name: Alexandra Watson
Course and Resort: Children’s Teaching Certification at Mt Hutt

“I grew up in Methven and am currently a full-time student at Canterbury University. During the winter semester I teach skiing part-time at Mt Hutt. In my summer holidays I teach skiing at Beaver Creek, Colorado in the USA. I had a great two days on this course with a Trainer who was very enthusiastic about the subject and material he presented. The Trainer was also very focused on making sure we all enjoyed the course and understood the essence of the certificate. With the positive attitudes and a well-built rapport between all members of the group and the Trainer a great time and a lasting memory was created.“

Name: Dan Tydeman
Course and Resort: Children’s Teaching Certification at Treble Cone

“After passing my Stage One exam (now Level Two) I faced the prospect of teaching little kids from 6 yrs up at Winter Park, but having only really skimmed over teaching kids in previous certs, I thought it best to get more training in this area so I sat the Children’s Certification. It was a fantastic course and I got some awesome important information about teaching and dealing with young kids. Sitting this course helped me immensely the first time there were five little faces staring up at me, allowing it to not only be fun and exciting for them but more completely incident free.

I had some misgivings prior to the course as to quite what I was going to get out of it, but given my reluctance to teach children I thought it could only benefit me and also give me a better understanding as to how children function and more particularly about how I could relate to the ‘little monsters’.”