Works at: Cardrona/TC

Division: Snowboard and Coaching

Works for: Cardrona Alpine Resort

Love to shred with friends, family and people who believe in the sport / lifestyle with me.
My first Snowboarding experience was 12 years old in the wind, sideways snow-fall and icy conditions. Loved it. It’s something about sliding sideways that makes me tick. In between studies at  Canterbury University earning a Geography degree, I snowboarded as much as possible in the Canterbury region. After moving to Wanaka in 2002, I traveled/worked in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan & China..
* Represented SBINZ at two Interski’s
* Examine up to the Level 3 standard
* Split-boarding and the adventure that comes with it
* Enjoyed creating resource videos and presentations
* Convincing people they need to do a Banked Slalom
* Helping develop the NZ Snow Sports Coaching pathway
* Meeting candidates from all over N.Z and from all over the world sharing what snowboarding means to me.
See you on the next course!

Sponsors: Jones Snowboards, NOW Bindings, VIGHT Optics