Sarah aka Sem, is a nomad from Taranaki, NZ.  She was raised on skis at Turoa, Mt. Ruapehu and came to the NZSIA examing team in 2009.  Whilst studying at Otago University she hitch hiked every winter weekend to Wanaka, Queenstown and surrounding local ski resorts to satiate her deep craving of skiing.

After graduating in 2004, Sarah has spent the last 8 years roaming the world skiing and teaching in USA and Japan.  Her current favourite place to ski/teach is Telluride, Colorado.  Sarah loves to tour in the back country.  The Alaskan wonderland being her perfect post season treat.

When she is not in ski boots she can be found in the north east of Brasil, soaking up the sun, practising yoga and spending the days kite surfing, her other life passions.

Best trick = urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) on skis.  Explanation = reach your arms up, look up and bend backwards until you are holding onto the tails of skis.