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The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer is the smallest, lightest ski trainer in the world. It’s simply the best device to train accurate, centred balance (and posture) for skiers. Uniquely, it also trains rotation and edging skills. It’s amazingly dynamic and fun to use. There are 4 sizes of interchangeable balance blocks, so it can be used by complete beginners, yet can also challenge the very best skiers. A single training session of just a few minutes can produce immediate results – but the hardest blocks take great skill to master. Try it yourself, use it with your clients, and get great results.

“It’s a ‘must have’ for all ski instructors” (Andrew Lockerbie – former Chairman of British Association of Ski Instructors)

“If you are an enthusiastic skier, you will be able to transform your performance using the principles of this product” (David Scott,

“It‘s been quite amazing to watch skiers with an habitual, unbalanced style coming off the slopes, stepping onto the Sweetspot Trainer and changing almost instantly” (Jaz Lamb, Director, BASS Morzine)