Started his telemark carer about 20yrs ago to help recover from a knee injury. In the winter months Greg has worked as a winter guide/host. But for the last 10 years has worked part and full time at Coronet Peak as a Telemark and Alpine instructor. A highlight has been going to Inter ski in Austria where he found that it was a fantastic place for information sharing. On his return he embarked on the still ongoing process of re writing the technical Telemark manual. Something that had never been done since the 80s- we telemarkers are not the muesli munching skinny ski riding hippies we used to be! Now Fat or carving riding with NTN and front face carving is more likely. The manual is now a living document that is able to be updated as technology changes and technique adjusts – even small sports like telemark evolve and we need to keep pace.

In the summer Greg owns and operates a mountain bike guiding company, Fat Tyre Heli biking. Not a bad life style!