As many of you will know, the rider analysis assessment process used within SBINZ has been focused on a written format for some time now.

In 2018 we brought back a verbal rider analysis assessment in the Level Two exam (we never lost the verbal analysis component of Level Three). This was well received and it was great to see candidates actually present their knowledge in a way that easy to receive by students.

After a further year of discussion, examining and workshopping, we have revised the written analysis assessment process throughout Level One, Level Two and Level Three.

Download the new written analysis tests here:
SBINZ Level One Written Analysis Exam
SBINZ Level Two Written Analysis Exam
SBINZ Level Three Written Analysis Exam

The goal here has been to create more freedom in the way candidates answers questions and express their knowledge. Candidates can choose to write full paragraphs or concise bullet points. Less boxing, more flexibility!

This also establishes more continuity from level to level, making it easier to continue through the SBINZ system.

E-Learning Analysis Changes

As part of this analysis revamp, we’ve adjusted the analysis content and quizzes throughout the e-learning platform – remember, you must be logged in as a member to view this.

We’ve put a lot of focus on the Level Two analysis e-learning, with a series of new quizzes and a self-assessed version of the actual exam, along with example answers to compare with.

This will hopefully help to establish more self reflection within Level Two candidates prior to attending the exam.

So which ever level you’re focusing on currently, from Level Two through to Trainers Cert, it’s worth taking the time to revisit the new analysis components in the e-learning platform.

Get amongst it!