Are you concerned about climate change? We realise many of our members will have this in the back of their minds, especially with the current snow levels.

So, right now, the best thing to do is to make a submission on the proposed Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment bill. Note that submissions close on 16th July (in one week)!

You can make a submission here.

Basic instructions: Confirm that you’re not a robot, fill in your details, then click on the button to upload a submission.

Make sure you individualise the submission with a story about yourself and how you’re being impacted by climate change and how it’s New Zealand’s responsibility to play it’s part etc. Put this at the beginning. The more personalised your submission is, the more sway it will have.

Protect our Winters NZ have put together a draft for you to use, should you be low on time or just want a reference to check on how to write a submission. You can see the draft here.

Remember to sign it off with your name at the bottom, save it again as a new file on your computer and upload it.