Works at Remarkables/Coronet Peak

I’m Gaz from North-West England but now living full time in Queenstown. What originally sparked my interest in snowboarding was a copy of SSX on ps2 when it first came out. Now, there’s not many places to ride where I grew up so that had to do until I was old enough to drive myself over the Pennines to Yorkshire, where I first strapped on a board in Castleford (inside a big 200m freezer with a ski slope in it.) After a few years of riding the indoor “snow domes” of the UK, and one trip to the French Alps, I decided on a career change and signed up to a training course in New Zealand to get my first qualifications in 2007.

I was thinking that this would be fun for a couple of years, but teaching snowboarding turned out to be such a fun and rewarding experience that I wanted to continue and have been doing it full time ever since that course.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend winters teaching in the UK, Canda, America, Switzerland, China, Japan and New Zealand of course. Currently I’m based at the Remarkables and Coronet Peak in Queenstown.