Works at: The Remarkables

Kristy grew up in Brisbane Australia, dedicating most of her childhood and teenage years to the world of Gymnastics. Training 20+ hours a week since the age of 10 lead to amazing life opportunities like representing Australia, travelling overseas for competitions and learning some great life skills like resilience, discipline and dedication.

Kristy first tried snowboarding when she was 10 on a family holiday in Thredbo Australia, where she thought it was pretty cool to be the only girl in her all boys group.. *girl power!* At age 25 she swapped industries from coaching gymnastics to wanting to teach snowboarding. Kristy started off in Canada and received her CASI level 1 and 2 in her first season. She then did seasons in Australia, China, New Zealand and Japan. Kristy decided to get serious about qualifications and passed her SBINZ L3 in 2021 then her trainers in 2023.

Kristy hopes that by passing her trainers, she can help fuel the fire for other girls in the industry. She’s now even MORE stoked to NOT be the only ‘girl in her group’ and see first hand how the industry (SBINZ particularly) is progressing and being a part of that supportive environment.