Works for: Camp3 Snowboarding at cardrona & Treble Cone

Hi team,
I’m Siobhan, a full-blown Austrian (half-English). I first got on snow as a wee toddler of 2 years, skiing before I could walk and ski racing for many years before venturing into the snowboarding world.
I first became an instructor with 14 (next to school and studying) and competed in Slopestyle and Freeride for many years. Now I’ve settled into a life filled with coaching in New Zealand and Europe and working as a full-time judge for the Freeride World Tour during Northern Hemi Winters.
Providing mentorship and guidance to aspiring athletes & snowboard instructors has been one of my core values for many years. I enjoy contributing to their development and building long-term relationships and trust. Serving as a positive influence on the community, fostering growth and sportsmanship, and empowering people to believe in themselves are some of life’s greatest gifts.

Sponsors: The North Face, Anon, Jones, Mons Royale