Works at: Mt Hutt – NZSki

Coming to you from the sunny state of California Caity is here to tell you that yes, there is snow in California! Because of her dad’s love for skiing, her first taste of the snow was on two planks around the age of 10. She has a background however in surfing and after begging her dad to try snowboarding, was quickly won over after her first lesson at age 13.

Caity continued snowboarding as a weekend warrior up through secondary school and university and after the completion of her degree in 2014 decided to give instructing a try. What was meant to be a one-off season has turned into a multi-season career where she’s been fortunate enough to work for over 15 seasons across the United States, New Zealand and Japan.

Caity was originally certified through the American system (AASI), however after New Zealand became her most consistent home, she switched to the New Zealand system. She achieved her SBINZ Level 3 in 2019, and has continued her pathway in achieving her Trainer’s Certification in 2023.

Caity is passionate about empowering others through teaching and training, and in particular hopes to inspire other women in the industry to pursue higher levels of certification so that one day being “the only girl in the group” is ancient history.