Every year, the different Committees within NZSIA spend a number of days a year working through ideas, initiatives and feedback.

This year we had some compelling feedback from both members and Snow Sport School Managers to look at our Trainer’s Cert pre-requisites. We won’t bore you with the details here, but there’s a few tweaks to the Trainer’s Cert and Examiner pathway as a result of this feedback.

The Changes

  1. The SBINZ Terrain Park Certification is no longer a pre-requisite to the Trainer’s Certification.
  2. Any Level Three can now proceed to the Trainer’s Cert Workshop, and subsequently the exam, without having achieved the Terrain Park Certification.
  3. Those successful at Trainer’s Certification are welcome to apply to become an Examiner with SBINZ and will be considered as part of a usual employment application process – all attributes, characteristics and qualifications will be considered within this application (including the Park Cert).
  4. Any SBINZ Examiner running Level Two exams must have previously obtained the Terrain Park Certification.
  5. The Terrain Park Certification will remain as a pre-requisite for the Developmental Coaches Certification.

The goal here has been to increase the number of Trainer Certified instructors within snow schools and to increase our female representation at this level.

So all you Level Threes out there… we would love to see you at the Trainer’s Workshop in 2022!