“Let’s have a party!” – was the unanimous board decision in 2019 as the NZSIA’s 50th year approached – and let’s have a good one! Party Pete (Peter Clinton-Baker, past President) was put in charge and the planning began. Little could anyone imagine the obstacle that was to materialise in the path of a 2021 celebration. However, what’s a little pandemic in the face of a lot of determined snow sport types, routinely having to adjust and adapt in a potentially hostile environment. Nothing a spot of “time shifting” can’t fix.
Coronet Peak, 17th September 2022.
Saturday on snow in superb conditions at Coronet Peak.
2022 became the designated Golden Jubilee celebration year and as with all good tales, the weekend of 16th – 18th September in Queenstown aced it in all aspects. Sun shining, the slopes silky, turns smooth as the assembled company’s stories.
NZSIA Presidents 1971 – present. L – R. Bridget Legnavsky 2001 – 2008, Peter Clinton-Baker 2009 – 2019, Tony Graham 1977 – 1989, Dan Bogue 2019 – present, Robin Armstrong 1990 – 2000, Mark Halliwell 1971 – 1973, Clive Manners-Wood 1974 – 1976.
The red-carpet moment on the Friday captured familiar faces, reunited and laughing with delight. It was an evening to remember. The drinks flowed, the food was flawless, the noise level grew as the assembled company embraced and the stories began! Saturday, Coronet Peak turned it on, and so did the NZSIA. Ski, Adaptive, Telemark, Snowboard the broad church of the snowsports family together celebrating the world class qualification organisation that has evolved in the last 50 years.
Course Managers L – R Stephanie Brown, Ski Course Manager 2007 – 2022, Ben Clarbrough, Snowboard Course Manager 2013 – present, Scott Callaway, Executive Director 1983 – 1985, Ingie Franberg, Ski Chief Examiner 1985 – 1995, Barry Wackwitz, Ski Course Manager, 1996 – 2002, Des Peters, Secretary, 1978 – 1988, Yolande Magill, Ski Course Manager Northern Hemiphere, 2018 – present, Matt Phare, Snowboard Course Manager, 2011 – 2012, Greg McIntyre, Telemark Course Manager 2099 – 2020, Chris Scoles, Snowboard Manager 1992, Jane Stevens, Adaptive Course Manager and Head Examiner 2011 – present.
Snowboard Trainers. L – R Dave Pearse, Matt Phare, Tony Macri, Claire Dooney, Keith Stubbs, Ben Clarbrough, Chris Scoles, Paul Phillip, Kyle Kostohris, Weiyan Li, Richie Johnston, Adam Dooney
The festivities rolled on featuring a celebration dinner on Saturday evening with speechifying, a panel discussion, presentations and general merriment. For those keen for another day on snow, Cardrona on Sunday rounded out a memorable gathering.

That’s how this project began with those key keepers of the NZSIA’s history together in one place. All the Presidents, all the Admin Managers, and remarkably the full contingent of the 1979 Interski team. Snowsports legends turned up. Technical directors, and course managers who candidates have remembered all their lives, industry giants, who were young punks in the 70’s, videos from northern hemisphere people who couldn’t make it, but still had something they wanted to share. Even the President of the ISIA sent a birthday message.

Panel Discussion L – R with Bridget Legnavsky, President 2001 – 2008, Jef Desbecker, Telemark Course Manager 1985 – 1999, Graham Dunbar, Snowboard Course Manager 1993 – 1997, Jane Stephens, Adaptive Course Manager 2011 – present.
Interski Team, Zao, Japan 1979. L – R. Robin Armstrong, Des Peters – Manager, John Armstrong, Russell Thomson, Scott Callaway, Chrissie Rawlings, Tony Graham, Fraser Skinner – absent.
Over 40 years earlier in Zao, 1979.
Treasures from the past have been unearthed and gifted to the organisation, photos, documents and most poignantly memories. Once again it was determined by the board that all this history, the history of the NZSIA, was a Taonga and worth preserving, thus, this curation of our organisations first 50 years was begun.
“Family Tree”, from the past 50 years displayed at the celebrations.
Presentations to long term contributors to the NZSIA. L – R Des Peters (ONZOM), Stephanie Brown, Robin Armstrong, Marilyn Armstrong, Michel Marchand, John Armstrong.

View all the photos taken at the 50th Celebration here. Photos taken by Sheena Haywood.