The evolution of the NZSIA name and logo

We take a journey through the name and logo changes over the years as the organisation evolved.

First known as The New ZeaIand National Ski School in 1971, the year of the inaugural Stage One courses, the newly formed entity featured a logo of skis and outline of the country.

Course certificate with NZNSS logo
Successful candidates and new members received a metal badge featuring a stylised Kiwi that would be the template for future iterations.

As the organisation sought formal incorporation and non-profit status in 1972, the government decreed that the name National Ski School wasn’t acceptable for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. Thus the change to the New Zealand Ski Instructors Alliance (Inc.) was made.

NZ National Ski School pin
NZSIA logo used throughout the 80s
The kiwi with circular branding was the recognisable mainstay of the NZSIA for many years, incorporated into programmes such as “Wise Kiwis Take Lessons” and accreditation for ski schools around the country. Primarily black, red and white, across print materials and badges colours varied according to the medium used.
The 1983 Interski team’s clothing sponsor Descente ensured colours and branding were on point.
By the time of the new millennium, the NZSIA was offering a wide array of courses and notably encompassed snowboard, telemark and adaptive programmes. Adopting common practice, the name was changed to reflect the more diverse membership of the NZSIA, thus becoming the New Zealand Snowsports Alliance.

The first use of the new name appeared with the traditional logo still used, as seen in this newsletter cover.

In 2002 a new logo appeared. While the kiwi was retained, it became sleeker and more animated, now shown swooping downwards, with the letters nzsia trailing in its snowy wake.

By 2007 the logo underwent another change; a stylised predominately black and blue version, with the ubiquitous kiwi.

At the same time, the Snowboard Division felt they needed a little more identity, so they created the sub-brand known as SBINZ.

The tagline “teaching excellence” was added to all logos for a short time, but subsequently removed due to the complications of including it in various digital environments.

Interski team in Argentina 2015.
In 2017, after many-a-year of never-ending variations, the Board made a big move to rebrand the whole organisation. The goal was more cohesion between the divisions, whilst allowing each division to have its own identity. As part of this rebrand it was also important for the organisation to establish a more corporate overarching logo, that was neutrally positioned with the four divisions. This process led to the current NZSIA corporate brand seen today and the multiple division logos seen widely on caps, teeshirts and hoodies throughout the membership.
A 50th Year addition to the logo was created for the celebrations that took place in 2022.