A big thank you to all the wāhine who took the time to complete the female survey’s that have gone out in the last couple of years. In charting strategic gender changes in the SBINZ community, it is helpful to compare key data from the 2021 and 2022 surveys. Women snowboard instructors have observed signs of positive change over the past year but identified a number of key challenges in advancing sustainable careers. SBINZ is listening to such concerns and working to devise an agenda for change that is ultimately beneficial for all. You can view the results here.   

Women’s Day (17th September) – NZSIA for both ski and snowboard will be held at Cardrona Alpine Resort on Sunday 17th September 2023. We will be getting the current mentees together the day before and hope that they will stay to help facilitate and engage with members on the Sunday. This day is open to all females and levels.   

Trainer’s & Tech Team Development Day (10th September) – This FREE training day is designed for those SBINZ instructors who are working towards their Trainer’s Cert. or thinking about trying out for the next Tech Team. It can be used as a stepping stone from the Level Three Cert. into the Trainer’s process, or as a preparation tool for the coming Trainer’s Cert. exam without the pressure. It can also be utlilised as a warmup for the Tech Team tryouts.  

Discounted Trainer’s Cert – We are continuing to offer a 50% discount on both Trainer’s Cert Workshop and Exams for women in 2023. This is to boost and encourage female participation at this level.  

Mentorship Programme – This initiative will continue until the end of the NZ winter season. This is to enable more time on snow with mentor/mentees and support for exams this season. We will then look to start the next cohort of mentorship at the beginning of the NZ winter season 2024.   

Tech Team Tryouts (9th & 10th October) – This is open to Level Three and above, and we would love to see a strong female representation at this event and within the team itself. The Tech Team is a four year commitment and provides the opportunity to be involved in national aspects of SBINZ and the creation of learning resources. The next Interski team will also be selected from this group in 2025.  

Celebrating Success – a big congratulations to Jamie Middleton who passed her Trainers Cert last year and has been working for SBINZ in the northern hemisphere this year. We welcome Jamie Hill back to NZ this season. With living in the USA and having a baby girl we are excited to have Jamie Hill back in the mix. Claire Dooney enjoyed attending Interski in Finland at the end of March 2023. There was a lot of discussion from various nations about gender, diversity and inclusion. You can read Claire’s write ups.  

PSIA-AASI Keynote: Increasing Gender Equality in Snowsports Instruction by Ann Schorling  

BASI ~ Snowboard ~ EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in BASI) by Renelle Mortimer & Charlie Laine  

Keep your eyes peeled for the new print version of the SBINZ manual. You’ll see multiple pictures of woman throughout and Jamie Middleton is front and center on the cover. Big steps!   

I am looking forward to connecting with many of you on the slopes this season.   

Ngā mihi,  

Claire Dooney & SBINZ Committee