We have received a lot of feedback around the prerequisites for Level Three, and as a result of this feedback some changes have been made. We believe these changes will make the Level three pathway simpler and more user friendly.

We now have a system which allows more freedom to choose the instructor pathway.

To complete the Level Three qualification, as well as passing the Level Three ski and teach exam components, two of the following will need to be completed:

Childrens Level One, Freeski Level One, Race One, a second discipline level one qualification (i.e., snowboard/telemark/adaptive/cross country). These can be either NZSIA qualifications or a foreign equivalent.

Please note only one second discipline is allowed. For example, if you have Snowboard Level One then you must choose one of Childrens Level One, Freeski Level One, Race One, you can’t choose another second discipline.

Also important to note, is that these do not need to be completed prior to the Level Three exam, they can be completed in any order. The Level Three certificate will be presented once all modules are completed.

This system will be in place for the 2023/2024 Northern Hemisphere winter season.