Dear NZSIA Members,

As the winter season kicks into high gear, it’s a pleasure to reconnect with you all through our June newsletter. In this edition, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates, valuable insights, and important reminders to keep you informed and inspired on your snowsports journey.

Friendly Reminder about the AGM:

Don’t forget our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, June 8th 2024, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm at The Venue Wanaka. Be sure to stick around afterward for drinks and pizza over at Après. See you there!

Can’t join in person? If you would like to join online, here is the Zoom link: Here

Location: The Venue Wanaka

Address: 3 Mountain View Drive, Corner of Orchard Road, Wānaka 9305

Date: Saturday, 8th of June 2024

Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm – drinks and pizza afterward over at Après.

Drinks & Nibbles: Après, 50 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka

Documents for the AGM: 2023 AGM Minutes and 2023 Financials – Please access a copy of these from the Downloads page (under General Downloads) on the website or direct links:

Link to 2023 AGM MinutesHere

Link to 2023 NZSIA Financials: Here

Governance Update from Daniel Bogue – NZSIA President

The mornings are getting colder and on the way to work I can see the snow guns going, so the season is just around the corner.

We have had a busy couple of months getting ready for the season. The committees have had their preseason meetings and the Board have had their first get together for the year. Our administration team have been busy finishing up summer projects and the northern winter while taking bookings and getting staff on board for the New Zealand season. We are lucky to have Ben and Gavin back on board for the 2024 season looking after Snowboard and Ski respectfully and Yoyo is back to help the smaller divisions get set up and courses in place.

Just a quick update from our recent meetings. We have a lot of long-term projects underway and it’s been good to put some resources and structure around these initiatives.

We have had a report back from the Woman’s Taskforce and have put in place some of the recommendations for the 2024 season. Budget has been allocated to support females through our qualification pathway. This includes vouchers available to individuals (criteria to be determined) and also specific training days. There is also a ski mentoring system being created based of the successful model used by the Snowboard division last year.

After surveying our staff in 2023 around their health and wellbeing in the workplace, we have combined this information with work the board have already undertaken in this space and a work group will be created to come up with further initiatives to help our staff feel safe and well in the workplace.

We have the Snowsports Schools representative to the board up for election this year after the departure of Rachael Milner. We have a nomination process in place and look forward to welcoming a new board member to the NZSIA.

We also have space in the Health, Safety and wellbeing committee for a staff member to step into. Following good practice, we will be asking for a representative to step forward from our current staff.

We have completed our new staff induction yesterday and then into full staff training this weekend before the season opens.

Let’s keep the fingers crossed for some good snow to arrive before the season opening.

Introducing Our new Ski Trainers Uniforms for the Season!

We’re thrilled to unveil our brand-new uniforms! Our Ski Trainers will be hitting the slopes in style this season, and we can’t wait for you to check them out.

For all the details on course dates and prices, make sure to check the website: Here.

Let’s make this season unforgettable together! See you on the slopes!

Ski Gear Sustainability: Supporting Our Trainers and the Environment

At NZSIA, we are committed to providing our trainers with top-quality, sustainable gear. Two standout companies in this regard are Flylow and Burton.

Flylow – Our Ski Trainers’ Gear

Founded in 2005, Flylow creates durable gear designed to last season after season, crucial for our trainers. They use post-consumer recycled materials and ensure their products are bluesign® and Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals. Flylow recommends maintaining the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating on your gear by washing it with products like Nikwax.

Burton – For the Snowboard Trainers

Burton leads the industry in combining environmental responsibility with high-quality products. They offer a lifetime warranty for their soft goods, ensuring jackets can be repaired, reused, or recycled. Burton is also committed to ambitious sustainability goals, including reducing carbon emissions and relying on 100% renewable energy for their US operations.

Sustainability Tips for Our Community

As the southern hemisphere season approaches, here are some tips for sustainable gear choices:

1. Use pre-loved gear: Shop at certified reuse sites or online marketplaces to save money and reduce waste.

2. Invest in quality: Choose durable gear to minimise frequent replacements.

3. Choose recycled materials: Opt for gear made from recycled materials like recycled polyester and nylon.

4. Support certified brands: Look for bluesign®, OEKO-TEX®, or B Corp certified brands.

5. Repair over replace: Extend your gear’s life by making simple repairs or professional reproofing.

By following these tips and supporting brands like Flylow and Burton, we can reduce our environmental impact while enjoying our outdoor adventures.

Investing in our Environment and Community: NZSIA’s latest contributions

Just like skiing and snowboarding, small contributions to your learning can make a big difference over time. The same goes for investing your time, money, and curiosity to support our environment and community. NZSIA have been passionately pursuing this path for a few years now. This year, we are thrilled to announce that our environmental contributions are being directed towards an amazing group of projects across the country. The organisations we are supporting are Trees That Count, Gold Medal Nurseries, and Southern Lakes Sanctuary.

Gold Medal Nurseries has been chosen for its exciting connection to the new dry slopes facility being built in the Cardrona Valley. NZSIA is donating to support the growth of a native forest around this incredible facility, allowing our snow sports athletes to train domestically all year round. Not only do we get beautiful trees, but we also reduce the need for international travel for training, making it a win-win for both our environment and our athletes. How awesome is that?

Trees That Count is an incredible organisation supporting native tree planting projects throughout New Zealand. We have now donated to Trees that count – 557 trees! They will match this donation – meaning the donation is worth 1114 trees. When roughly calculated according to the carbon emitted for Auckland to Tokyo return flights, 1114 trees planted today and growing for 50 years, offsets for 98.5 direct return flights over fifty years.

Finally, Southern Lakes Sanctuary is a powerhouse of six businesses that realised collective action to protect the biodiversity of the southern lakes is more powerful than individual efforts. Established in 2018, they have set an inspiring goal to create a predator-free 660,000ha area by 2050. By supporting this visionary organisation, NZSIA is becoming part of an ambitious and exciting journey for our community.

Together we can create a truly sustainable tourism industry that makes a positive and enduring contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Upholding Professionalism: Addressing ‘Teaching without concession’ Concerns

We want to emphasise our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within the snowsports community.

Concerns have surfaced from resorts since last season in regard to individuals teaching without concession. Regrettably, some of these individuals were reportedly members of the NZSIA. This behaviour is a clear breach of our NZSIA Code of Conduct and goes against our principles of fair practice and respect.

Teaching without concession not only violates the regulations set forth by the resorts but also undermines the credibility and reputation of our organisation. Therefore, we want to stress that such actions may result in disciplinary measures from the NZSIA and could lead to sanctions from the resorts.

We urge all members to adhere to resort practices and respect the guidelines set forth by our organisation. Let’s uphold the values of professionalism and integrity that define us as members of the snowsports community.

Documenting the Rich History of NZSIA

We’ve delved into the archives and knocked out the first few posts documenting the rich history of the NZSIA. Link here

The 50th year celebrations were the catalyst for this project to curate the illustrious past and ensure the stories are told. More pieces are in the pipeline including the remarkable personalities that shaped the organisation. Did you know one NZSIA examiner was in no less than 15 Warren Miller films? Contributions to the history trove (including images) are gratefully accepted . Please send your submissions to

Ski and Snowboard Manuals 

There has been a lot of hard work over the last couple of years from all divisions – and we are excited to announce that the updated NZSIA Ski Manual and SBINZ Snowboard Manual are available in a variety of formats now – hopefully we have a version to suit everyone.

Ski and Snowboard Manual formats are now available:

  1. E -manuals – available for FREE on the Downloads page.
  2. A5 ring binder hard copy – $75 – available through the “NZSIA shop” tab in your profile.
  3. PDF version – $10 – available through the “NZSIA shop” tab in your profile.

Race One Courses

This season at The Remarkables, we’re offering a couple of Race One courses to choose from! Space is very limited on the remaining courses so be sure to book on soon. Designed to boost race coaching skills, covering course-setting, creating the ideal training environment, and mastering race demonstrations, the Race One is perfect for instructors seeking to elevate their coaching expertise.

Sign up through your profile: Here

Exciting Courses Ahead: Adaptive, Telemark, and Coaching!

We’re thrilled to announce our lineup of Adaptive, Telemark, and Coaching courses for the upcoming season. These courses are designed to expand your skills and open up new possibilities on the slopes. They can also be used as part of the Ski Level Three Pathway.

Adaptive Courses: Perfect for those who want to learn how to instruct skiers and snowboarders with disabilities. Gain the knowledge and techniques to make snowsports accessible to everyone. Book through your profile: Here

Telemark Courses: Embark on your journey into the realm of free-heel skiing as you work towards becoming a certified Telemark Instructor. Book through your profile: Here

Coaching Courses: Enhance your coaching skills and take your teaching to the next level. These courses are ideal for those looking to develop their coaching strategies and effectively guide their students. Book through your profile: Here

Spotlight on Adaptive Superstar Scott Palmer

We’re delighted to feature one of our Adaptive superstars, Scott Palmer! Scott recently sat down with Richie Johnston to share his experiences and discuss the Adaptive pathway.

Have a listen to hear about what’s involved in the Adaptive pathway, who can participate, and why it’s such an important part of an instructor’s journey. Scott’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in making snowsports accessible to everyone.
Check out the interview in the link below and get inspired!

Professional Development Days (ISIA)

Our Professional Development Days are back again this season. These FREE on-snow training clinics are open to all NZSIA members holding a Ski certification and are designed to elevate your skills and knowledge as a member of NZSIA. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills, stay updated with the latest industry standards, or maintain your ISIA status, these clinics are tailored for you. Please note that while the course itself is free for current NZSIA members, a $90 holding charge must be paid to ensure attendance. This amount will be credited towards your membership fees for the following year, or refunded if you’re a life member provided you attend. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to sharpen your skills and connect with fellow members. See you on the slopes!
  • Ski Professional Development Day – Coronet Peak, Queenstown – 16 Aug 2024
  • Ski Professional Development Day – Mount Hutt, Methven – 5 Oct 202

Book through your profile: Here

Empowering Women in Snowsports

Currently, there’s a noticeable lack of female representation among high-level ski and snowboard instructors and trainers. Our goal is to change that by fostering an environment where women feel supported and encouraged to excel.

As part of these efforts, we’re offering a range of courses and camps tailored specifically for women in the snowsports industry this season. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or take the next step in your career, we’ve got something for you.

We’ve established a Women’s Task Force dedicated to empowering more women to pursue higher certifications and work towards their NZSIA Trainer’s Certification.

Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive environment for all. Let’s hit the slopes and inspire greatness together!

Elevate Your Snowsports Career 

To all the ladies in snowsports, are you ready to improve your skills and level up? The NZSIA has an incredible opportunity for you this season! We are offering a limited number of $320 vouchers to use towards your Level Three Workshop, or Level Three Exam.

Who’s eligible to apply?

•⁠ ⁠Women skiers or snowboarders with Level Two Certification (NZSIA or equivalent)

•⁠ ⁠Must be a current NZSIA member

Why apply?

The NZSIA Women’s Task Force is on a mission to boost female presence in top-tier snowsports instruction. Take advantage of this voucher and push your career to new heights.

Apply via the application form link below by Monday, 2nd September 2024. Don’t miss out—let’s break barriers together! Apply Now – if successful – we can refund the voucher amount based on the course fee already paid.

Women’s Pro Development Days 

Join us for a day of empowerment and progression at the NZSIA Women’s Professional Development Day. Delivered by a NZSIA Trainer, these one-day sessions provide a nurturing environment for females to elevate their skills.

Refine your technique and thoroughly prepare for your exams. Our mission is to support more females to reach Level Three and beyond.

NZSIA are striving to create a space for more female role models in the Snowsports industry and hope to inspire future generations to come.


• Ski Women’s Professional Development Day – The Remarkables, Queenstown on 19 Aug 2024

• Ski Women’s Professional Development Day – Cardrona/Treble Cone, Wanaka on 11 Sep 2024


• Snowboard Women’s Professional Development Day – The Remarkables, Queenstown on 19 Aug 2024

• Snowboard Women’s Professional Development Day – Cardrona/Treble Cone, Wanaka on 11 Sep 2024

To attend these courses you must hold a NZSIA Level Two Certification (or foreign equivalence) and be a current member. These courses can be booked through your profile: Here

Girls Day Out!

Join us again for a fun day of learning out on the snow. This is a free day to train with our top NZSIA trainers. It is designed exclusively for our female membership, providing a welcoming and supportive environment for any current member who holds a NZSIA Level One Certification (or foreign equivalence).

The goal for the day is for general improvement as well as meeting and sharing the day with fellow NZSIA members. This is a free course to current members of the NZSIA, however a $90 holding charge must be paid to ensure attendance. This $90 will be used as credit towards the following year of membership, or if you a life member – the fee will be refunded once the course has been attended.

• Ski Girl’s Day Out – The Remarkables, Queenstown on Sunday 14th September 2024.

• Snowboard Girl’s Day Out – The Remarkables, Queenstown on Sunday 14th September 2024.

These courses can be booked through your profile: Here

Friendly Reminder: Important Registration Updates

Late Course Withdrawals: Cancelling or transferring a New Zealand course within 10 days of the start date incurs a 10% fee, including for illness or injury. Avoid this fee by making changes before the cutoff. No changes allowed within the last month for Northern Hemisphere courses. We recommend insurance for medical coverage.

English Proficiency: Conversational English is now required for all courses to ensure clear communication and expectations.

Booking System: To reduce waitlists, you can only book one course of the same type at a time. Multiple different courses can still be booked.

Lift Tickets:  Enjoy a 50% discount on lift passes for the days you are booked on the course (NZ courses only), if you don’t have a season pass. For Cardrona courses, we have secured pass allocations (payment required). Other resorts have no limits on lift ticket purchase. This discount is only available on the morning of the course.

For more details, please see the Conditions of Registration.

Industry Discount for 2024

The plan for 2024 – it is a voucher system again like last year, allocated from your Resort Snowsports Manager. Each resort has a limited number of vouchers, giving the resorts the ability to target where they would like to further develop their Snowsports school.

If you want to book on a course and there is any delay in sorting a voucher, we recommend securing your place at full price, then if you are eligible for a voucher, we can apply the discount retrospectively.

NZSIA Shop and NZSIA Merch

Exciting news! Our NZSIA Merch Shop has expanded with more winter essentials. Shop clothing and hats, including division-specific logos. Each division has its own unique collection.

The NZSIA Merch shop is now live and ships worldwide from Australia: Access here: Happy shopping!

Find membership cards, manuals, and certificate reprints conveniently in your profile “NZSIA Shop” Tab.

Join Our Team as a Learning Resources Manager at NZSIA!

We are looking for a Learning Resources Manager to join our passionate NZSIA team! As the Resources Lead, you’ll develop and maintain online learning resources for all snowsports instruction disciplines. Collaborate with the divisional committees to create e-learning materials and manage systems like WordPress and Learndash. This role is ideal for someone with IT Solutions and Design experience who enjoys both teamwork and independent work. This 12-month contract from July 1, 2024, to June 31, 2025.

For more information, read our NZSIA Learning Resources Manager job description. Please email your cover letter and resume to by 16th June 2024.

Getting Current

Memberships rolled over on the 1st Jan 2024. Renewing for 2024 can be done through your profile (remember if you miss a year, fees accrue):

1. Log into your profile here.

2. Check to make sure you have a photo uploaded to your profile (similar to a passport photo).

3. A PDF version of your card will be created by the office and emailed to you once you have paid.

4. If you require a physical card you can purchase one from our online shop for $5 – NZSIA online shop.

Booking on courses

Once you are current, then you can book on courses and get underway with your elearning. Check out your division calendars and see what is available:

• Ski:

• Snowboard:

• Adaptive:

• Telemark:

It has been really busy with bookings so far; many courses are already on “waitlist”. Please follow the link and fill in the form, then we can do the best we can to accommodate you. Some of our courses have reached their limit due to staffing availability and/or resort limits, in this case we will only have availability if someone removes themselves from the course. Always good to check out other options that may suit on the Dates and Prices page. If you find another course with availability – we would recommend securing the place, so you don’t miss out.

Supporting Our Mountain Heroes

In the challenging and unpredictable terrain of the mountains, the work of the mountain choppers and search and rescue teams, alongside their remarkable canine companions, is nothing short of heroic. Their quick response and unwavering dedication often mean the difference between life and death for those in need.

We’re excited to introduce a new initiative aimed at supporting these organisation’s. In the following sections, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the incredible work they do and discover how you can play a role in making a meaningful difference. Join us in extending our gratitude and support to these brave teams who tirelessly serve our mountain communities. Together, let’s ensure they have the resources they need to continue their life-saving missions.

SARDA Avalanche Search Dogs

Search and Rescue Dogs Avalanche (SARDA) is the official volunteer organisation that provides search and rescue avalanche dog teams in alpine environments across all of New Zealand. Operational avalanche dog teams are based at most major ski areas and high mountains across New Zealand. All of their handlers, trainers and supporters are 100% volunteers and give their time, expertise and passion for free.

They are endorsed by the NZ Police, the Mountain Safety Council and SAANZ (Ski Areas Association of NZ) and are made up of highly skilled alpine professionals who all live and breathe the snow industry. Almost all their handlers are fully qualified ski patrollers and alpine guides and all have a huge passion for what they do.

Speed, efficiency and a nose capable of detecting human scent deep beneath the surface of the snow has allowed the Avalanche Search Dog to earn itself the reputation of becoming an invaluable asset in the context of snow and avalanche rescue.

The canine avalanche team has two equally important members: the dog and the handler. The goal is for the team to quickly locate people who have been buried by an avalanche. Quick response, thorough searching, and safety are all important elements of a response to an avalanche accident.

Donations to the organisation will contribute to the training and care of the dogs, ensuring they are adequately equipped and prepared to save lives during avalanche emergencies. Your support can make a significant difference in our efforts to provide effective and efficient search and rescue operations in avalanche-prone areas.

Donate link: Here

Lakes District Air Rescue Trust (LDART)

Lakes District Air Rescue Trust (LDART) was established in 1991 to provide emergency medical transport in the Southern Lakes region of New Zealand.

Lakes District Air Rescue Trust now exists to support dedicated helicopter air ambulance services and and Search and Rescue capability in the Southern Otago, Southern Lakes and Southland regions of New Zealand.

This support is provided by way of funding for emergency medical equipment, equipment maintenance and training for specialist crews utilised on medical and rescue helicopter missions in our region.

They have a proud history of Rescue Helicopter services for a variety of emergency missions and continue to provide support for ongoing emergency assistance to those in need in our region.

Donate link: Here

Canterbury Westpac

Their vision is that people across the vast and rugged Canterbury and West Coast regions can live their lives to the full, assured that if they have an emergency, the Rescue Helicopter will be there to look after them and their families.

The Rescue Helicopter Trust has funded the life-saving Rescue Helicopters in Canterbury and the West Coast since 1989. They have an excellent partnership with GCH Aviation, the contracted operator of the Rescue Helicopter Service. GCH Aviation, work in partnership with Heli Otago as the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) to deliver Rescue Helicopter Services across the South Island.

The Role of the Trust

  • to raise funds to support the operation of the Rescue Helicopter Service, which is not fully government funded
  • to fund life-saving equipment; and initiatives that will improve patient outcomes
  • to ensure this service is sustainable
  • to represent the community in the Canterbury West Coast region.

Donate link: Here

Greenlea Rescue Helicopters

The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter, founded in 1985, serves the Central Plateau and Lakes regions, providing a 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year. The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter is a fully-fledged air emergency medical service and is powered by an expert crew of Pilots, Crewmen and Critical Care Flight Paramedics.

With its quick response times, the rescue helicopter can be airborne within 10 minutes during the day and 20 minutes at night, ready to provide time-critical flights to those in need. Thanks to its advanced medical capabilities, patients can receive treatment en route to a medical facility, potentially reducing disability and improving survival. In 2023 alone, the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter carried out a total of 524 life-saving missions.

In a life and death situation, it is the speed and agility of the rescue helicopter that makes all the difference, bringing life-saving equipment, rescue personnel and trauma-trained paramedics directly to the patient.

Donate link: Here

Not long now until we see everyone back on our hills!!

Your NZSIA Team