Step into a world of growth and achievement with the NZSIA Ski Mentor-Mentee Program. NZSIA ran this program with Snowboard over the last couple of seasons with success – so now Ski Division are keen to jump on board. This initiative is designed to bridge gender disparities in higher-level certifications, particularly at Ski Level Three and Ski Trainer levels, and offers a unique opportunity for personal development within the snowsports industry in New Zealand.

As a ski mentee, you’ll embark on a journey with four personalised one-on-one sessions (each last 2 hours) with your dedicated mentor. Regular communication throughout the program will ensure steady progress towards your goals, supported by structured guidance from seasoned professionals.

For ski mentors, this is an opportunity to support fellow female skiers on their journey to becoming highly qualified skiers within New Zealand. You’ll be their go-to person and a steady support. As a ski mentor, this is also a great way to share your knowledge, offer tips and grow as a person.

Shredding Success” serves as your comprehensive handbook, equipping you with proven methodologies, tools, and resources to guide mentees through their certification journey. Beyond performance improvement, mentoring fosters deep relationships, cultivates potential, and drives positive change within our community.

Join us in rewriting the narrative of gender equality in snowsports certifications. Express your interest today to be matched with a ski mentor for the 2024 calendar year and become part of a community dedicated to promoting gender equality in snowsports. Or apply to become a ski mentor for one of our ski mentees.

Ski Mentor application: Here

Ski Mentee application: Here