Trainer’s Certification

This qualification is for fully-certified instructors (Ski Level Three or foreign highest instructor qualification with an ISIA Card) who wish to become involved with training staff at their resort or candidates for Level One Certifications.


Length: 4 day workshop, 3 day exam.

Certification resource: The NZSIA Ski Instructor’s Manual is required reading for this course.

Pre-requisites: You must be an associate member or full member. Instructors wishing to enter the Trainers’ Certification process need to be fully-certified with NZSIA Ski Level Three or have another country’s highest national ski instructor level together with a current ISIA card. In order to take the Trainers Cert Workshop you must hold the Children’s Teaching Certification Level Two, and Free Ski Level One (or foreign equivalents). You must have completed the current Level One, Level Two and Level Three eLearning modules.

Assessment Process

This qualification is split into a four-day workshop with a three-day assessment. The workshop includes modules on technical knowledge, clinic leading and analysis skills, teach-to-teach class levels one and two, trainer-level demonstrations and personal skiing improvement. Candidates are expected to present two clinics during the workshop and will receive peer and trainer feedback.

Assessment of candidates’ skiing includes all levels from straight runs, wedge, wedge-parallel, basic-parallel, advanced-parallel, dynamic-parallel, short turns, on and off piste free runs, and varied all-mountain tasks. Candidates’ teaching and clinic leading skills are assessed via five separate means, this includes; a minimum 30-minute teaching progression presentation to the other candidates, a minimum 30-minute teaching models presentation to the other candidates, a minimum 30-minute personal skiing development clinic, a two-hour (approximately) skiing development coaching session and a skier analysis assessment session from video. The audience varies for each one of the three clinic presentations.

Note: The Trainer’s Certification is a pathway that begins with the Trainer’s Workshop, then the Trainer’s Exam. The NZSIA Children’s Teaching Certification Level Two and Freeski Level One (or foreign equivalents) are a pre-requisite before attending the Trainer’s Certification Workshop.


Name: Ashley Murphy
Course and Resort: Ski Trainer’s Certification at Coronet Peak

“Participating in this year’s exam was definitely a career highlight for me. Starting as a rookie taking my first instructing exam at Coronet Peak in 2004, I would never have believed I would be in the position I am now. The first day of this year’s exam the scene was set; good heavy Kiwi powder! This proved to be rather testing conditions by the time a drop in temperature firmed it up nicely. Luckily everyone was in good encouraging spirits. The Examiners did an amazing job of ensuring we were all as relaxed as we could be for the three days. I am definitely looking forward to being a Trainer and all the challenges and responsibilities that come with it, not to mention examining Level One in the near future.”

Name: Kirsty Hole
Course and Resort: Ski Trainer’s Certification at Coronet Peak

“I sat this exam with only three other candidates so the whole thing was shortened to just two days – what a relief! I think I was the most nervous I have ever been in my life leading up to the exam. But when it all finally started everything went smoothly because Gavin and Steph were really good, making the atmosphere as relaxed as possible. I’ve been working at Cardrona for the past four years and now I’m looking forward to taking CSI exams there next season. Woohoo!”