Snowboard Level Two

The Snowboard Level Two Certification is aimed at instructors wanting to progress within the snow sports industry to teaching intermediate students. The minimum requirement to sit the Level Two Certification is Snowboard Level One, or equivalent foreign qualification. Instructors qualified at this level can teach carving on intermediate terrain, intermediate freestyle and an introduction to off-piste riding.


Length: 6 days

Certification resource: The SBINZ Instructor’s Manual is required reading for this course.

Pre-requisites: You must be:

  • An associate member or full member.
  • Have Snowboard Level One cert or foreign equivalent (see FAQs)
  • At least 17 year of age.

** Before you take the Level Two Exam you must complete the Snowboard E-Learning Level Two online preparation course, based on information in the Snowboard Instructor Manual. You will access this through your profile, click here. Look at the course outline for further information. **

Assessment Process

The six-day course includes modules covering rider improvement, rider analysis, progressions for intermediate students, class handling and safety on all-mountain terrain. Candidates’ riding is continually assessed during the first five days with key requirements being: Riding blue / easy black off-piste terrain with good, technique, flow and style, forwards and switch skidded turn demonstrations, carving demonstrations, and freestyle demonstrations (aerial awareness on small park jumps, nose rolls, 180s, board slide and a press, on a box). Versatility riding is assessed with an on-piste “freerun” looking at candidates ability to adapt movement patterns to show various turn sizes and shapes, whilst also blending in freestyle and carving elements.

Candidates’ instructing is assessed during a 30-minute teaching presentation to other members of their group, presenting intermediate teaching content from the SBINZ manual (anything marked with a blue square).

Candidates’ rider analysis skills are tested during a night session using a video clip and a written test, as well as a shortened verbal on snow assessment the following day.

An example analysis video is available here, to help study for this portion of the exam. The written analysis test can be downloaded here. The verbal analysis guideline can be downloaded here.

To be successful in achieving this qualification you will need to pass all four components (Riding, Teaching, Rider Analysis, and Safety and Professionalism).

If you are unsuccessful, we do offer partial re-sits. To be eligible for a re-sit you must have passed your Safety and Professionalism, and two other components. For example, you have passed the Riding, Teaching, and Safety and Professionalism and need to resit Rider Analysis. The following resit guidelines apply:

  • Riding – if unsuccessful here, you will need to be re-assessed for the first five days of the exam week.
  • Teaching – if unsuccessful here, will need to attend the last day or teaching assessment day, in order to be reassessed.
  • Analysis – if unsuccessful here, will need to attend the analysis evening on day four, in order to be reassessed.
  • Safety and Professionalism – if you are unsuccessful within this element you will be required to resit the whole exam.

Webinar – Walk through Level Two

Level Two Demonstrations

Click here to watch on Vimeo where you can download this video for playback later.


Name: Liam Printer
Course and Resort: Snowboard Level Two at Cardrona

“I’m from a small town in the West of Ireland and believe it or not, I’m currently teaching snowboarding full-time in arguably the greatest resort in the world – Whistler, Canada. Ever since my brother in law first got me to trade in my skis for a snowboard eight years ago, I’ve always wanted to be an instructor and after a great season in New Zealand, the dream has come true. The Level Two exam was just as tough as everyone had warned me but I had a great trainer and I worked hard at every bit of feedback I was given. It’s a great qualification that you can take anywhere in the world and I’m just so happy now I have it in the bag. Eventually, I would love to get into being a trainer myself but in the meantime I’m just going to concentrate on getting as many people stoked on snowboarding as I can!”

Name: Stjepan Leko
Course and Resort: Snowboard Level Two at Whakapapa, Mt Ruapehu

“After many years of self-taught riding, now at the age of 30, I decided to clean up my riding skills. The Level Two exam and all the training leading up to it taught me more than just that. I can now teach well and have taught riders of every age and gender with average riding abilities to progress with confidence on any terrain and even hitting air 180 spins. I did have some doubts about sitting this qualification but with the professional guidance from my trainer I passed no worries.”