ISIA Stamp Qualification

The ISIA Stamp is way for instructing systems around the world to cross-reference their high-level teaching certifications. The pathway for NZSIA Ski is as follows:

Once ISIA Stamp Status has been achieved, further training update days must be achieved – one day a year, or two days every two years, or three days every three years.

ISIA Card qualification.

This is the highest level of international qualification available through ISIA and places the NZSIA among the leading snow sports instruction nations in the world. Our international recognition through ISIA is a vital component of our goal, “To be a global leader in snow sports instruction,” and the creation of an ISIA Card qualification in 2012 aligns well with this goal. A card qualification operates in addition to the stamp level of qualification and does not replace it. This will allow NZSIA instructors to choose the level of ISIA certification they wish to pursue.

ISIA Card Pathway: