Snowboard Trainer Certification

This qualification is aimed at fully-certified working instructors (Snowboard Level Three or equivalent) who wish to become involved with training staff at their resort or candidates for Level One and Two Certifications.


Length: 5 day workshop, 3 day exam.

Certification resource: The SBINZ E-Manual is required reading for this course. The manual can be accessed through the Learning Portal (you will need to be logged in) or through the NZSIA member’s mobile app which can be downloaded for both Apple IOS and Android.

Prerequisites: You must be…

** The Trainer’s Cert Online Course must be completed 48hrs before coming to your Trainer’s Cert Workshop. This includes submission of an essay and a training plan. The e-learning course can be accessed through your members profile.**

Assessment Process

This qualification is split into a five-day Workshop with a three-day Exam later in the season. The Workshop includes modules on clinicing skills, Level One and Two training, Level Three demos and personal rider improvement. Rider analysis is also covered.

Candidates are expected to present a 30 minute “teach-to-teach” clinic during the workshop and will receive peer and Trainer feedback. The clinic should be aimed at Level One and Two exam candidates or instructor trainees, and the topic will be based around any topic that is marked with a green circle or blue square in the current SBINZ Manual. You will need to be very familiar with the content of the Level One and Two exams (course outlines are available online).

Assessment of candidates’ riding is done performing through Level One, Two and Three demos, along with freeride and freestyle elements according to the situations present on the day. Candidates are expected to be able to ride the whole mountain forwards and switch, showing strong command over movement patterns to be able to perform tasks with varied movement patterns, e.g. a separated backside 180 and an aligned backside 180.

Candidates are assessed on their rider analysis skills via various video clips followed by a technical discussion with the Examiner. Candidates’ clinicing skills are assessed during a one-hour ‘training situation’ presented to the other candidates. Training situations can include teach-to-teach, technical and one-on-one trainer-to-trainee scenarios. Clinic topics are nominated by the Examiner.

Please note: Trainers’ Certification has a one-season, partial pass system. It is split into two halves that can be passed independently; Teaching (includes both clinics and analysis) as one half, riding as the other half. When one half is passed, the candidate will hold it until the end of the following NZ season (no exceptions). Candidates must attempt the whole exam if they do not have one half already.

Webinar – Walk through Trainer’s Cert

The video below is a recording of a live webinar talking through all aspects of the Trainer’s Certification. Note that this was recorded in 2021 and a number of aspects have changed since then to align with the new SBINZ E-Manual.