Trainer’s Certification

This qualification is aimed at fully-certified working instructors (Snowboard Level Three or equivalent) who wish to become involved with training staff at their resort or candidates for Level One and Two Certifications.


Length: 5 day workshop, 3 day exam.

Certification resource: A highly in-depth knowledge of the SBINZ Instructor’s Manual is required essential for this course.

Pre-requisites: You must be an associate member or full member and have Snowboard Level Three Certification or foreign equivalent (see FAQs), as well as the Freestyle Certification and the Children’s Teaching Certification.

** There is no specific e-learning course for the Trainer’s Cert, however the course material for Level One and Level Two does change from year to year. In light of that, it is important that you work through the Level One and Two E-learning online courses before attending the Trainer’s Workshop. These can be accessed through your members profile.**

Assessment Process

This qualification is split into a five-day Workshop with a three-day Exam later in the season. The Workshop includes modules on clinicing skills, Level One and Two training, Level Three demos and personal rider improvement. Rider analysis is also covered.

Before the workshop you will need to submit via email (to

  • A 500 word technical article on your choice of topics. e.g. could be teaching based, riding based, mental, physical, etc.
  • A training programme plan for snowboard trainees, based on four days of training per week. The plan should assume there will be four weeks of training followed by the Level One exam, then another four weeks of training followed by the Level Two exam.

Candidates are expected to present a 30 minute “teach-to-teach” clinic during the workshop and will receive peer and Trainer feedback. The clinic should be aimed at Level One and Two exam candidates or instructor trainees, and the topic will be based around an introduction to one of the following:

  • The Safety-Fun-Achievement model
  • The SBINZ Lesson Format
  • Teaching children
  • Any beginner or intermediate progression from the Level One or Two Certifications (anything in the SBINZ manual that is marked with a green circle or blue square)

Therefore you will need to be very familiar with the content of the Level One and Two exams (course outlines are available online).

Assessment of candidates’ riding is done performing through Level One, Two and Three demos, along with freeride and freestyle elements according to the situations present on the day. Candidates are expected to be able to ride the whole mountain forwards and switch. Candidates are assessed on their rider analysis skills via various video clips followed by a technical discussion with the Examiner. Candidates’ clinicing skills are assessed during a one-hour ‘training situation’ presented to the other candidates. Training situations can include teach-to-teach, technical and one-on-one trainer-to-trainee scenarios. Clinic topics are nominated by the Examiner.

Please note: If you do not reach the standard for any component within the Trainer’s Exam you must re-sit the entire exam. Your Workshop will remain valid for life, however, as content continually changes it is recommended that you stay up-to-date by attending the workshop again after a few years if you are planning on re-taking the exam. The Children’s Teaching Certification and the Freestyle Certification are also pre-requisites for the Trainers Certification.


Snowboard Trainers Certificate, Clinic & RA Workshop (Online)    

This (ZOOM) workshop is focused at Trainers Cert members working towards their exam. This Workshop will be split into two focus sessions. First session – fine tuning analysis techniques and feedback methods. Second session – open format, time for participants to individually present a short clip (30 seconds) of their choice or topic within the trainers cert exam pathway for the trainer to give specific feedback and development (10 minuets per person).

Click here to watch all the demonstration and riding tasks videos for Level One, Level Two and Level Three.


Name: Rhys Jones
Course and Resort: Trainers certification

“Going through the Trainers exam process this season was a tough but extremely rewarding experience.  I had sat the exam the previous season (2010) but was unsuccessful and as a result had to re-sit the trainer’s workshop.  Passing the trainers exam was still a goal of mine to further my career but I was experiencing some financial issues.  I was told about the SBINZ development fund and contacted course manager Matt Phare to enquire about financial support towards the course.  This was then put to the committee and after some discussion was approved, stoked!  This opportunity was invaluable to me and with the support of SBINZ it helped me to stay motivated and committed towards achieving my goal of becoming a trainer.  I think this development fund offered by SBINZ is a great gesture to helping instructors who want to move into the Trainers role and I would like to thank SBINZ and the committee for this opportunity.”