Terrain Park Certification

The Terrain Park Certification is designed for those instructors who want to get more involved with teaching freestyle in the terrain park. This certification takes a step up from the park teaching and riding elements contained in both the Level Two and Level Three Certifications, and have a strong focus on park safety and etiquette.


Length: 2 day workshop, 2 day exam.

Certification resource: The SBINZ E-Manual is required reading for this course. The manual can be accessed through the Learning Portal (you will need to be logged in) or through the NZSIA member’s mobile app which can be downloaded for both Apple IOS and Android.

Prerequisites: You must be an associate member or full member and have the SBINZ Level One Certification or foreign equivalent (view the complete prerequisites and equivalency doc here). You must complete the Terrain Park Workshop before you can take the Terrain Park Exam.

Assessment Process

This certification is assessed in a one day exam.

Riding Assessment

Small jumps 2-3m (from lip to knuckle) – straight airs (forwards & switch) with various grabs, plus all 4 directions of 180s (2 switch, 2 forwards) and 2x 360s in forwards direction.

Medium jump 3-5m from lip to knuckle – 3 different grabs, plus a spin of your choice (doesn’t have to be a 360) with a smooth takeoff, solid in the air, and landing in the sweet spot.

Jibs consist of 50-50s, boardslides (both front and back), nose/tail presses, and 180-off, on boxes or basic rails. Plus a front or backside 50-50 on a street/urban approach feature.

Teaching Assessment

Candidates will be asked to teach one of the above park tricks. The lesson should take approximately 15-20 minutes. The lesson may be followed by several questions to further test the candidates’ understanding. See the Course Outline for marking criteria. The teaching assessment will include a brief rider analysis segment where the candidate will watch a rider on a device and give relative feedback to correct the rider.


Terrain Park Certificate DEVELOPMENT DAY

This training day is aimed at any member with a SBINZ Level One Certification and above. The content is tailored to those who are looking towords the Terrain Park Certification or the Level Two & Level Three Ride Module. This course can also be used by Level Three/ISIA members to maintain their ISIA status.


Length: 1 day

Pre-requisites: You must be an associate member or full member and have a snowboard certification.